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Why join the FCCJ?

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan (FCCJ) was founded in 1945 to provide housing,
socializing and reporting on events of post-war Japan. Today, the FCCJ is one of the world’s
leading media collectives, the peer of institutions like the National Press Club in Washington,
D.C. Our membership includes about 500 journalists who represent most of the world’s
leading media outlets as well as major Japanese media. Overall, we have about 2,000
members, including many well-known figures in business, government and the diplomatic corps.



Attendance at Members-Only Professional and Social Events

Invitations to all press luncheons and conferences. Notable speakers from the past include
General Douglas McArthur, the Dalai Lama, Jimmy Carter, George Bush Sr.,Jacques Chirac,
Gloria Macapagal Arroya.  More recent speakers include
the film director Oliver Stone,
singer/songwriter Cyndi Lauper,
Italian football star Roberto Baggio, Thailand’s former prime
Thaksin Shinawatra, Junichiro Koizumi, Shinzo Abe and almost every other influential
Japanese government minister since the club was founded.


Library Services

• Extensive collection of books, journals, newspapers, video rentals

• Free access to premium databases including WSJ, Nikkei

• Audio archives of press conferences and selected club events

• Work space for Regular members and Guest Journalists only

• Exclusive workroom

• Research support and interview arrangements

• “Journalist Information Service” informing members about media events in Tokyo and the
  Kanto region


Dining and Parties

• Main Bar: Casual venue with affordable prices and special live music performances every

• Pen & Quill: Fine dining overlooking the Imperial Palace, including Sunday Brunch Buffet
  and holiday-themed dinners

• Masukomi Sushi Bar: Exquisite Japanese cuisine with a dramatic city view

• Priority reservation and competitive rates on banquet and meeting facilities



• Periodically arranged golf tournaments


Arts and Culture

• Film screenings including exclusive sneak previews such as the first-ever Japan screening
  of The Cove that later won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2010.
  Japanese film screenings include talks with directors and stars.

• Award-winning monthly art and photo exhibitions in the Main Bar and Sushi Bar

• Live concerts every Saturday evening

• Events with famous authors, singers and artists


Special Events and Services

• Press tours to locations such as Iwo Jima, Subaru factories, whale hunting village

• Industry roundtables

• “Book Breaks” featuring talks by authors

• New website offering live streaming, connectability to social media sites, responsive
  design for smart phones and tablets and the "Number 1 Shimbun News" with links
  to articles by club members. Includes access to members-only content.) 




• Museum visits

• “Saturday Lunch with Shakespeare,” including talks by scholars and media personalities

• Discount tickets for theater and Broadway musicals with pre-performance brunch and

• Vaudeville-style traditional rakugo and pop culture events

• Themed cuisine and entertainment such as Cuban Night, Hawaiian Night, Gourmet
  Evening and Beer Night

• Wine and sake tastings



• Free Wireless LAN throughout the clubhouse facility

• Half-price parking at the Marunouchi Nijubashi Bldg.

• Subscription to FCCJ member magazine, “No. 1 Shimbun”

Reciprocal arrangements with press clubs all over the world



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